Teach Students to Cite Sources Properly: Style Guides According to MLA
and APA

Instructor: Sya Van Geest, experienced educator, A.Q. course instructor
and workshop leader.

What teaching strategies and tools can we employ to teach students the
skills of citing sources accurately according to the latest MLA and APA
style guides? How can we actively engage them in their learning in a
fun, productive manner, and in ways that also promote the value and
ethics of maintaining an accurate list of resources consulted?

Together we will do a guided walk through class lessons using a computer
slide set and group strategies describing hands-on activities for
practice. Areas addressed will include the latest MLA and APA style
guides, with ways and means to teach students how to cite accurately.
Handouts include a set of computer slides; sample Reference List for
student support and display, overheads for teaching and a Reference List
of resources including Internet sites.

WHEN (Module 5 of 8)
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
 4:00 - 4:55 pm Eastern time (1pm Pacific Time)
Thursday, February 24, 2005
 4:00 - 4:55 pm Eastern time (1pm Pacific Time)

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    EUR     Be a leader in your school and know the most up-to-date MLA
and APA style guides.
    EUR     Enhance your teaching strategies to teach referencing.
    EUR     Receive field-tested, practical teaching materials.
    EUR     Be invited to participate in a chat group focused on ongoing
sharing and discussion as you use the materials in your work.
    EUR     Receive a Reference List of resources linking you and your
students to further learning, especially Internet sites.

    EUR     The basic components of citations according to two
recognized styles - MLA and APA.
    EUR     Best teaching practices to give students the knowledge and
skills of citing sources.


 Join the instructor and other participants by teleconference. Log onto
the OLA website and access the course materials live during the session
(this feature is operated by someone at your location) or print off the
lessons and follow along making notes for yourself where necessary along
the way. The instructor will walk participants through sample classroom
lessons and demonstrate the use of instructional resources including
visual organizers, computer slide sets, and assessment tools.
Opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas and strategies are built
into each session.


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 EUR Non-Member: $68.00 + GST
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minimum of three different sessions within the eight modules available,
you will receive 25% off the regular fee which is equivalent "buy 3, get
1 free!"
 EUR Session registration limit: 30 registered sites.
 Fees include telephone connection, all long-distance charges and allows
for multiple people to participate in one location.

Instructor Biography

 Sya Van Geest is an experienced educator. She comes with more than
thirty years of experience as a classroom teacher and teacher-librarian
at both elementary and secondary schools, a curriculum consultant and
author, A.Q. course instructor and workshop leader, guest lecturer and
public speaker, storyteller and Forest of Trees reviewer. She continues
to be active and is much in demand to share her expertise in diverse
areas of librarianship. Sya received OLA's prestigious Distinguished
Service Award in 2004.


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