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Re. below, if you haven’t already seen this, it is for your reference. The topic of copyright revision is now on the Feds agenda, but not very clear on the public radar.

Those involved in Copyright Revision should also be aware of http://digital-copyright.ca/ - they are attempting to provide updated information on this and related areas of policy. It will all be coming to a library near you:)


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This section will provide the latest information on revisions to Canada's Copyright Act and regulations; position statements by associations and governments on copyright reform; interpretations of Canadian copyright law; issues related to digital information and media copyright; international copyright law and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI); collective and performing rights societies; and some readings and writings on Canadian, U.S. and international copyright.

Table of Contents
  1. Canadian Copyright Act
  2. International Copyright Law <http://www.cla.ca/resources/copyright.htm#int_law>  
  3. Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) <http://www.cla.ca/resources/copyright.htm#mai>  
  4. Position Statements on Canadian Copyright Law Reform & Regulations
  5. Bill C-32 (Phase II)
  6. Interpretations of Canadian Copyright Law <http://www.cla.ca/resources/copyright.htm#interpret>  
  7. Digital Information & Related Issues (Phase III)
  8. Media Copyright
  9. Collectives & Performing Rights Societies <http://www.cla.ca/resources/copyright.htm#collectives>  
  10. Readings & Writings on Copyright Law
  11. Discussion Paper On Digital Copyright Issues <http://www.cla.ca/resources/copyrightforum.htm>  (issued by the Copyright Forum, of which CLA is a member)
  12. Public Access to Information Threatened by Copyright Inaction <http://www.cla.ca/top/whatsnew/wnjl1901.htm>  (by Margaret Law)
  13. CLA Response to the Consultation Paper on Digital Copyright Issues <http://www.cla.ca/issues/copyright.htm>  (Issued by the Intellectual Property Policy Directorate, Industry Canada and the Copyright Policy Branch, Canadian Heritage)
  14. Copyright Protection in Unpublished Works: Final Report <http://www.cla.ca/resources/23april2002.pdf>  by Wanda Noel, Barrister & Solicitor (pdf) ~ April 23, 2002

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