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How do you assess the effectiveness of your information literacy programs?
Re. below from ACRL, if you haven't seen this posting recently, I thought it
might be of interest to those who are reviewing their program activities.
Keep in mind, it is US$$:)


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"The course is packed with information and resources. It provides
step-by-step guidance to design an assessment."

"The content is informative, the assignments are practical, and the course
is manageable."

"Great content presented by very knowledgeable instructors."

                Assessing Student Learning Outcomes participants

ACRL is offering its three-week online seminar, "Assessing Student Learning
Outcomes," February 14 to March 5, 2005. Participants will receive the
information they need to develop a program of assessment for their
information literacy programs.

Walk away with the tools you need to create an effective assessment program.
By the end of the seminar, participants will complete:

.   A plan for assessment of an aspect of their information literacy
.   Goals and objectives for all or part of their information literacy
.   A research design for an area of assessment

Register today.  Registration for this seminar is now open. ACRL and ALA
members will receive a registration discount.

Complete information, including learning outcomes and requirements, and a
link to registration are available online at

Payment may be made by credit card or purchase order (PO) only.

The seminar is limited to 60 participants, so register early. For more
information on ACRL's other e-Learning opportunities, visit: