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The deconstruction of libraries: CNET News writer Alorie Gilbert reports
that new library management systems using RFID (radio frequency
identification) tags embedded in books for digital tracking and inventory
are opposed by various consumer advocacy and privacy groups afraid that
they'll be expanded beyond their intended uses, but the economics seem
compelling. Library consultant Jim Lichtenberg notes that RFID tags make
even more sense in a library setting than they do in a commercial
environment: "In retail, you sell it once and it's over. In a library, they
go in and out and in and out for 15 years. So libraries can spend 40 or 50
cents per tag, and it still makes economic sense." But the real impact of
RFID technology in libraries might come many years from now, if libraries
eventually do away completely with classification systems (by substituting
an RFID system that knows exactly where everything is).
Source: CNET News

Now if I could just do 'tag' the stuff on my desk:)


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