Hi everyone, 
With Thanksgiving weekend upon us I thought it might be useful for everyone
to have a peek at what is coming up in the Education Institute over the next
couple of weeks. 
    1. ONLINE starting OCT 12: Getting Started on Weblogs and RSS with
Amanda Etches-Johnson
    2. AUDIO, OCT 14: People WILL Change: Transforming Organizational
Culture with Jane Watkins and Francine Carlin
    3. ONLINE starting OCT 18: US and International Government Information
on the Web: A Primer for Canadians with Jeff Moon
    4. AUDIO, OCT 20:  Empowering Students to Plan and Carry Out a Research
Project  with Sya van Geest

All registration can be done online at:
We suggest that if you are interested in any of these sessions that you
register early as sessions have been filling up quickly. Space is limited!

6 week ONLINE course  work at your own pace from your desktop

Getting Started on Weblogs and RSS
Instructor: Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University

Weblogs (or blogs) are well on their way to becoming a staple on the
Internet, and libraries have begun to take advantage of blog technology to
keep their Web content fresh and easy to update. Additionally, RSS (Rich
Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is fast becoming the standard for
online content delivery. This course explores both of these emerging
technologies within the library context and provides course participants
with the information and hands-on experience necessary to make use of blogs
and RSS to serve their users.

You will:
*    learn what a basic weblog is and be introduced to weblog features and
*    explore some of the ways blogs can be used in your library
*    learn how to create and maintain a blog
*    have the opportunity to create a blog as part of the course
*    be introduced to RSS
*    examine RSS content using aggregators
*    explore some of the ways in which RSS can make your library website
more dynamic

You will get a guided, hands-on introduction to blogging which will include
the opportunity to create your own blog. You will explore the vast variety
of library-related blogs on the Internet, and understand how blogs can be
put to use in a library setting. Additionally, you will learn about the ways
in which RSS feeds can be used in a library setting, and learn how to set-up
and receive RSS content using aggregators.

FEES: Members: $149.00 + GST / Non-members: $194.00 + GST

Instructor Biography
Amanda Etches-Johnson is a reference librarian at Mills Memorial Library,
McMaster University. She has been an active blogger for two and a half years
and has published and spoken on the use of weblogs and RSS to serve library
patrons. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the use of blogs in libraries
with her fellow librarians and can be found online at


October 14, 2004  Audio Session from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
Strategic Conversations with Leaders Series

People WILL Change: Transforming Organizational Culture
Instructors: Jane Watkins, Chief Librarian, North Vancouver City Library;
Francine Carlin, Principal, Performance Partnership

When issues are acknowledged, valued and dealt with effectively, change can
occur - significant change. Jane and Francine share how North Vancouver City
Library ( transitioned from a dated, task-focused
library organization to vision-directed, dynamic, customer-focused library
ready for the future. Their experience goes beyond change management
workshops to the practical leadership demanded to shift from "blaming and
complaining" and "we vs. they" to working together positively.

*    The situation as it was
*    The changes made to the library's physical and staffing structures
*    The marketing
*    Why none of this really made the changes needed
*    Addressing the culture shock
*    Building trust and truly making change
*    Senior Leadership Lab

*    A practical look at engaging people in any type of change.
*    Realistic ways of acknowledging, valuing and dealing with issues
relating to changing the way things are done.

METHOD OF INSTRUCTION:       Audio (Teleconference), with accompanying
PowerPoint, and handouts.

FEES        Member: $48.00 + GST          Non-Member $68.00 + GST
Fees include telephone connection, all long-distance charges and allows for
multiple people to participate in one location.

Presenter Biographies
Profile of Jane Watkins, Chief Librarian, North Vancouver City Library
Jane grew up in Oakville, Ontario, and earned her MLS at the Faculty of
Library and Information Science at the University of Toronto. Jane has now
worked for over thirty years as a librarian. She started her career as a
young adult librarian at the Brampton Public Library in Ontario, went on to
be the Community Branch Manager and then Head, Outreach Services. Jane
worked part time as Children's collection manager for seven years while
enjoying parenting her two children Erin and David. Returning to work full
time, Jane was appointed as Deputy Chief Librarian at Milton Public Library
and four years later as Chief Librarian, a position she enjoyed for eight
years. During her tenure as Chief, the library gained the reputation of
being a progressive, innovative public library much enjoyed by the
community. In 1996, Jane followed her dream to move west when she was
selected for the position of Manager, Public Services at Richmond Public
Library. At Richmond Jane was a member of the design team for the new
Ironwood Branch, the branch that is being touted as the "library of the
future". North Vancouver City Library combines Jane's dream location with
her dream job as Chief Librarian of a medium size public library. On a
personal note, Jane enjoys the western environment, hiking, skiing and
kayaking and looking through the lens of her camera. Theatre, music,
bookstores and enjoying "just being home" are her other loves. Living in
Ladner provides a challenging commute and a peaceful retreat where she is
hooked on her newest hobby gardening.

Francine Carlin, Principal, Performance Partnership
Francine has over 25 years of diverse career experience in strategic
business, organizational communications, team and leadership development,
and conflict and change management. She has held senior executive positions
in public relations, public affairs and marketing communications in a
variety of industries and currently is the principle of The Performance
Partnership, Vancouver, BC. Her work encompasses public and private sector
organizations, union and non-union, across North America. Francine draws on
years as a senior executive, hands-on manager, team leader, facilitator and
consultant to inspire and support people in achieving their maximum
potential. Of particular note is her focus on the leadership and team
development needs and interests of Public and University Library managers
and staff. She has facilitated leadership and team programs for public
libraries in across British Columbia as well as for the British Columbia
Library Association, and the Council of Post Secondary Library Directors on
topics ranging from leadership, change, and customer focus, to supervisory
challenges and conflict management. Most recently she participated in a
panel presenting at the 2004 Canadian Library Association Annual Conference
"Overcoming The Silent Barriers, Living Leadership Values From the Inside


6 week ONLINE course  work at your own pace from your desktop

US and International Government Information on the Web: A Primer for
Instructor: Jeff Moon, Queen's University

Governments and International agencies have embraced the web to 'publish'
government documents, laws, statistics and more. This course will introduce
you to key US and International government information resources on the
Internet. Practical examples will be used to encourage exploration and
discovery of what's available at various sites.

*    US Congressional and Legislative Documents
*    US Statistical Sources
*    International agencies (e.g. European Union, United Nations, World
Bank, and more).

Each week, you'll receive an email with the lesson for that week, plus
practice exercises that will help you work through the week's sources and
reinforce your learning. A web-based bulletin board will enable you and
other participants to ask question of the instructor and to provide on-line
feedback about problems incurred. The course will include a teleconference
call with you and your fellow participants, hosted by the instructor, to
give advice and clarify the learning experience.

There is a vast array of information available from the US Government and
International agencies. This course will give you a sense of what's out
there, how it's organized, and how to access it.

FEES        Members: 149.00 + GST               Non-members: $194.00 + GST

Instructor Biography
Jeff Moon is head of the Documents Unit at Queen's University in Kingston
Ontario and also serves as Data Librarian. He has been working with
government documents for 17 years. Jeff has extensive experience working
with documents and data in both print and electronic formats, and a strong
interest in preserving government information for future generations. Jeff
is a past president of the Ontario College and University Library
Association, a division of the Ontario Library Association.


BY REQUEST! Extra date added: OCTOBER 20th - 4:00pm to 4:55pm

Empower Students to Plan and Carry Out a Research Project:
Teach Them the Research Process
Instructor: Sya Van Geest, experienced educator, A.Q. course instructor and
workshop leader.

Do you get frustrated when you see students go through disjointed motions of
researching? Do you wish that they would be able to demonstrate an orderly
approach? Do you want to give learners the confidence that comes from
knowing how to plan and carry out a research project?

We can empower students with the knowledge of an orderly research process,
one that we can teach them to transfer from one setting to another. OLA's
four-stage research process is a powerful tool in the hands of students and
teachers. It is an ideal design tool for teachers, one that gives a
framework to slot literacy skills into a meaningful continuum. This session
will present a strategy to teach the process. It includes a wide array of
instructional materials and a list of resources for additional support and

WHEN (Module 1 of 8)
*   By Request! Extra Date Added...
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
4:00 - 4:55 pm Eastern time

*    Learn strategies to teach students the four-stage research process.
*    Receive suggestions for teacher in-service whether at a grade or
department meeting or school-wide PD.
*    Receive field-tested, practical teaching materials ready for use
including a sorting activity, a computer slide show and signs for display in
your library and classroom.
*    Receive a sample student research portfolio  elementary or secondary.
*    Learn how to adapt instruction and the materials to your students'
level and needs.
*    Receive the promise of ongoing contact with a teaching mentor.

*    The component parts of OLA four-stage research process with the
clusters of critical skill sets intrinsic in the research process
*    Methodology that teaches students and colleagues the research process
using a variety of tested strategies
*    Links to curriculum expectations and literacy

Join the instructor and other participants by teleconference. Log onto the
OLA website and access the course materials live during the session (this
feature is operated by someone at your location) or print off the lessons
and follow along making notes for yourself where necessary along the way.
The instructor will walk participants through sample classroom lessons and
demonstrate the use of instructional resources including visual organizers,
computer slide sets, and assessment tools. Opportunities to discuss and
exchange ideas and strategies are built into each session.

FEES        Member: $48.00 + GST          Non-Member $68.00 + GST
Fees include telephone connection, all long-distance charges and allows for
multiple people to participate in one location.
 Multiple Session Registration Special: If you register for a minimum of
three different sessions within the eight modules available, you will
receive 25% off the regular fee which is equivalent "buy 3, get 1 free!"
 Session registration limit: 30 registered sites.

Instructor Biography
Sya Van Geest is an experienced educator. She comes with more than thirty
years of experience as a classroom teacher and teacher-librarian at both
elementary and secondary schools, a curriculum consultant and author, A.Q.
course instructor and workshop leader, guest lecturer and public speaker,
storyteller and Forest of Trees reviewer. She continues to be active and is
much in demand to share her expertise in diverse areas of librarianship. Sya
received OLA's prestigious Distinguished Service Award in 2004.

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