The Queen's Printer no longer prints annual volumes of New Brunswick Acts
and New Brunswick Regulations. We now publish the annual volumes (and the
electronic consolidations) on the Internet at : The 2003 annual volumes are
The 2004 annual volumes are updated on an ongoing basis. After the year
ends, extra information will be added (e.g. tables, schedules...). You are
welcome to print the annual volumes, should you so desire.

Regarding loose-leafs, to my knowledge, no final decision has been made as
whether they will continue to be printed.A decision is expected by the end
of the
month. As I mentioned on the phone, the on-line consolidations are updated
on an
ongoing basis; whereas, the loose-leafs are not. At the present time, the
consolidations are up-to-date as of Sept. 30, 2004and the loose-leafs are as
Dec. 31, 2003. As such, there is no way to avoid using the Internet as
will constantly need to check the web for the most up-to-date versions

If thereare no loose-leafs produced, individual acts and regulations may
still be
purchased from the Queen's Printer. We anticipate giving official status to
the on-
line consolidations by April 1, 2005. When the on-line consolidations are
official status, on-line permission to print the legislation will be given.

Our feeling is that by embracing the electronic technology we are
facilitating (1)
much broader access to justice and (2) more up-to-date laws.

The consolidated on-line acts and regs will continue to be on the Internet
indefinitely. I anticipate the same for the annual volumes.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.