Hi Everyone,

On the topic of tutorials, Librarians at Acadia's Vaughan Memorial
Library and students employed with the Acadia Institute for Teaching and
Technology have created a tutorial to help teach the importance of
academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism.  The tutorial, entitled 'You
Quote It, You Note It!', is targeted towards first and second year
university students but we hope will be useful and fun for a variety of
purposes and audiences.  We encourage everyone to have a look and to
feel free in using the tutorial within their information literacy

We are also pleased to announce that 'You Quote It, You Note It!' has
recently been accepted by the American Library Association's PRIMO:
Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online review committee and will
soon be entered in the PRIMO database.

You can find the tutorial at:

You Quote It, You Note It! is the first in a series of tutorials planned
through Acadia's Vaughan Memorial Library 'Information Literacy Online'
project.  The project has been generously funded through the Acadia
University Counselling Centre.  Watch for our second tutorial, 'Credible
Sources Count', coming soon!

Have a great weekend,
Tanja Harrison
Vaughan Memorial Library
Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, B4P 2R6
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