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Re. below, if you haven't seen this, I thought it might be of interest to
some. It is from the ILI-L Digest (#424) - for all those refreshing their
database/journal(s) citation tutorials for the fall:)


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***PRIMO Site of the Month Interview, July 2004***

Projects: Learn to Use the Citation Linker,
Choosing a  Database, Searching Using AND, OR, NOT (Boolean Searching),
Combining AND,  OR, NOT (Advanced Boolean)

Creator: Michelle Mach, Digital Projects Librarian, Colorado State

Interviewer: Jennifer Knievel
Project Description: These four  brief Flash tutorials teach students and
faculty how to select a database,  combine terms with AND, OR, and NOT, and
use Citation Linker, a tool that links  users to all available delivery
options for a particular journal article. The  learning objectives include
learning when and how to use appropriate research  tools, as well as how to
access them and what information is required. Users  control the direction
of portions of the tutorials by selecting options about  which they would
like more information.

***To read the full interview and browse the archive of previous profiles,
please see

Jennifer Knievel
Humanities Reference and Instruction  Librarian
University of Colorado at  Boulder
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