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We are both sides of the same coin. We complement each other and we are both professionals. It's unfortunate that some don't treat LIT's with the respect we deserve. I currently manage the Tax Library for a major financial institution and I still encounter discrimination in workshops and at meetings.  I supervise employees, administer an ILS, perform budgetary tasks, drive the technology in the department and perform user training and reference duties, etc. When I received my diploma nine years ago I could hit the ground running. We are trained for the entire library and I am happy to see more and more employers recognizing this.

I agree with Cindy. Professionalism is certainly not defined by a university degree.

Judith MacNeil
Tax Information Manager

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This appears to be a very touchy subject.  As a library technician who has 15
years experience in public and school libraries, I have to comment on the
concept of being a "professional".  Although I am only an LT, I always been a
very professional person.  Librarians do not corner the market on
professionalism. I have worked with many librarians and technicians over the
years, some good at thier jobs, some not. As the sole staff member in a school
library that serves 1200 students and 75 staff members, I do a very demanding
job and get paid very little. Although I do the job of a librarian I do not
ever try to pass myself off as one. I would not be able to do this job well if
it were not for the experience that I have behind me.

Perhaps Ryan could understand this analogy a bit better in comparison to the
posting: there are many people in the business environment applying for and
getting jobs requiring an MBA which they do not have.  They get these jobs
because they have required thier education through years of experience.

Cindy Steeves

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> > In many professions individuals with the "lesser" qualifications have
> > come to take on responsbilities formerly purview of those with the
> > "higher" qualification. Take dentistry, for example. Twenty years ago
> > when I went to the dentist I saw him/her for an exam and filling. Now,
> > most of the time, the hygenist or dental assistant does the cleaning and
> > the mapping of my mouth (e.g. exam!), with the dentist popping in only
> > to take a quick look for, I assume, verification purposes. Similarly,
> > I've had an assistant do a filling, with the dentist coming in only to
> > administer the analgesic. Is this good or bad; I don't know. Does this
> > situation cause dentists to write letters to professional organizations?
> > I don't know. Do the dental assistants or hygenists spend a bit of time
> > over a beer on the weekend talking about how they can do a filling
> > better than the Doctor? Probably. Do the doctors think they're a bit
> > better trained than their assistants? Probably.
> Michelle,
> I hear your point, and I'm not sure your analogy works with the stated
> posting.   To what extent would you consider a hygenist doing a filling
> appropriate without the dentist "popping in?"    It seems to me that the
> posting was suggesting that (to use your analogy) the hygenist be the primary
> operator of the dentist's shop, sans dentist.
> Ryan. ..
> > To conclude...libraianship is not the only profession to: 1. keep an eye
> > on the standards for professional positions; 2. fret about the
> > absorption of "professional" jobs by "non-professionals." Our profession
> > is no worse than any other. This internal debate about education and
> > credentials is not unique and nor do I believe its intent is to be
> > disrespectful.
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> > Michelle Fiander
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> Ryan Deschamps
> MLIS/MPA Expected 2005

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