Good Morning List Members

I will try to concisely say this, I have been watching this thread and have
been more and more disallusioned with my new chosen profession.

I am a working library technician  and frankly I am offended that you think
a library technician would not be qualified for this position.
No we do not have a Masters of Library and Information Science but we bring
sometimes a wealth of other experience with us. Sometimes we  LIT's  come to
this position as a result of a change in careers which was the case for at
least 5 in my graduating classmates which had degrees etc from World Wide
universities. Personnally I have over 20 years of management experience, a
business diploma and the LIT diploma. I think it is unfair to paint LIT's
all with the same brush or say that you should harrass the hospital because
they are chosing to hire an LIT for this position. I think that there are
places for Librarians and for LIT's and certainly maybe not all LIT's would
be qualified for this position but it is up to the employer not our industry
to say who they hire, or how the job description should be written. As well
we are trained in our program, very well I might add in library public
relations, library personnel relations and other management functions maybe
not to the level that a MLIS is but as previously stated we do carry other
experience with us.

I had heard of this kind of thing in library world where librarians don't
see the need for LIT's or feel that they have the correct training for
certain jobs, but I had not encountered it before, it is not a pretty side
of our industry. I think this thread should be dropped before anymore people
get offended or things are stirred up any more.
Thank you for your time and I respectfully remain,
Yours truly,
Nancy Hynes
"proudly a  Library technician"

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Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: Questions about recent Job Posting

> Hello, Leo and APLA list members
> Just wanted to update you all that the Canadian Health Libraries
Association will be writing a letter to the Pictou Health Authority noting
that the Standards for Hospital Libraries requires a Librarian as the
Manager of a hospital Library.
> As pointed out, this job description appears to have been written for a
management position requiring the skills and experience of a Librarian and
we will endeavour to convince the Pictou County Health Authority of same. We
are working to get letters of support from other library associations.  If
you are interested in supporting our e-mail/letter-writing campaign, please
contact me.
> Regards,
> Penny Logan
> President, CHLA/ABSC
> >>> "Leo J. Deveau" <[log in to unmask]> 2004-07-07 3:45:40 pm >>>
> Hi everyone,
> Re. below, concerning this recent job posting that came on the APLA list
> from the Pictou County Health Authority, it raises the question as to
> the heck the professional line is between the role of the professional
> îLibrarian╣ and the role of îLibrary Technican.╣ I know this is a
> contentious issue for some. This posting reads like a committee seeking to
> fill a position that has too much work and too little pay. Just an
> observation.
> Cheers,
> Leo
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> On 7/7/04 3:13 PM, "ARH_Library" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >
> > Job Summary:  Under the direction of the Library Committee and reporting
> > the Director of Quality Management, the Library Technician is
responsible for
> > providing library services to all staff and affiliates of the Pictou
> > Health Authority.  The Library Technician will manage reference
> > journal subscriptions, document delivery, collection development,
> > statistics, and library promotion within the organization.  The Library
> > Technician will also provide clerical support for an onsite clinic for
> > equivalent of one day per week.
> >
> > Qualifications:
> >>
> > * Library Technician diploma from an accredited program is required.
> > * Computer skills including Microsoft Office and demonstrated internet
> > searching ability required.
> > *
> > * Excellent organizational and time management skills required.
> > *
> > * Knowledge of medical reference sources, both print and online
> > *
> > * Demonstrated ability to market library services required.
> > *
> > * Competence in meeting management and team building.
> > *
> > * Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills.
> > *
> > * Demonstrated ability to function autonomously.
> > *
> > * Previous work attendance may be considered.
> > * An equivalent combination of education and experience may be
considered for
> > this position.
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