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> I had heard of this kind of thing in library world where librarians don't
> see the need for LIT's or feel that they have the correct training for
> certain jobs, but I had not encountered it before, it is not a pretty side
> of our industry. I think this thread should be dropped before anymore people
> get offended or things are stirred up any more.
> Thank you for your time and I respectfully remain,
> Yours truly,
> Nancy Hynes
> "proudly a  Library technician"


I appreciate your perspective, but respectfully disagree with you on two points:

1.  Re: some library techs being able to do the job:

Had the posting asked for a library tech diploma and 20 years of management experience or an MBA or another degree, I might have been on your side a bit more (but still not entirely).   Further, as stated before, the requirements as stated blurs the distinction between the library technician -- a college diploma, and the MLIS -- a post-graduate degree.   The former intended to examine the more technical side of library work, while the other is accredited by the ALA and other accreditation bodies to guarantee minimum standards, ethical practice, and so on.

I have a great deal of respect for the library tech diploma, and strongly believe that the kinds of skills it encompasses are not suited for the management of a medical library.   At the very least, the MLIS guarantees some knowledge of quantitative/qualitative decision making, collection management and awareness of information trends and issues.   That a library tech may have these skills informally is somewhat beside the issue -- the diploma does not guarantee an applicant will have the minimum ability to do the job.   WHen this is the case, the possibility exists that the person hired will not be able to do the job -- which opens to other possibilities such as ethical practice, standard of library service etc. suffering.  I think a professional association should be prepared to protect against this sort of thing.

2  Re:  this thread should be dropped before people get offended.

I think the very fact that people get offended by this sort of thing is the very reason it should be brought out in the open.   The topic is relevant to Atlantic Provinces libraries -- in fact, it could be the most salient topic to Atlantic Provinces libraries.

I'm not talking about a flame war here -- and I'm sure that most of the people on this list are adult enough to understand how to discuss an issue without attacking or ad hominim etc.   However, I do believe there are a variety of perspectives on this issue and I'd like to hear more from both sides (and any other sides that comes up as well).

I believe this partly, because I do not like to be so sure of myself, and partly also because I believe that broader issues of rural/urban labour market in the Atlantic Provinces are involved as well (and need to be explored further).

Ryan. . .

Ryan Deschamps
MLIS/MPA Expected 2005