Hi everyone,

Re. below, if you are not already aware of this development, for those of
you creating or purchasing open-source digital materials, here is an
interesting development in licensing arrangements.


About iCommons Canada

Welcome to the iCommons Canada project. As part of an international effort
to facilitate the availability of open-source licenses, the Canadian
Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) is translating the
popular Creative Commons license (CCL) for use under Canadian law.  Once
complete, the Canadian Creative Commons license (CCCL) will enable Canadian
digital creators to independently construct and attach copyright licenses to
their works.  Read: No lawyers required!  The CCL has been embraced by
creators world-wide and can currently be found in use on over 3,000,000
digital artworks ranging from text to sound to computer graphics as well as
the websites through which they are promoted.


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