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July 5, 2004

British Library takes on e-learning:
"Inspiring Learning for All" is a framework for a new program developed by
the British Library for creating accessible learning in museums, archives
and libraries. Working from a broad definition of learning - i.e., it is not
related solely to formal curriculum, but rather to everyone's ability to
access information, cultural resources or entertainment in order to develop
as individuals - the program recognizes that people learn in different ways
and require a variety of stimuli to engage them in the learning process. It
stresses that museums, libraries and archives need to remove barriers to
access; cater for individual learning styles (not just ages); create
exciting environments; use innovative methods; value learning experts;
consult with users; and reach out to new users. The program will be
discussed at the International Federation of Library Associations conference
in August. Source: IFLA Preliminary Program (PDF).

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