As a result of renovations to the offices of the Psychology Department, the department members have made available back issues of a number of journals. We will be happy to ship them to any requesting library if you pay for postage. The list follows, with available years indicated. Please note that some  issues are missing, leading to gaps in the holdings.
Ruthmary Macpherson
Mount Allison Libraries & Archives
Animal behaviour        1972-1974
American Psychologist           1957-1985
British journal of addiction    1986-1989
Behavior        1956-1971
British journal of psychology   1958-1990
Canadian journal of psychology  1976-1992
Cognitive science       1977-1986, 1991
Canadian journal of behavioral science          1969-1991
Developmental psychology        1980-1994
Endocrinology abstracts 1985
Ethology and sociobiology       1986
International journal of behavioral development         1981-1996
International Society for Chronobiology 1985,1987
International review of applied psychology 1968-1979
Journal of studies on alcohol   1975-1989
Journal supplement: Abstract service of the American Psychological Association  1976
Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance    1977-1980
Journal of experimental psychology: human learning and memory   1976
Journal of experimental psychology: general     1977-1980
Journal of experimental psychology: animal behavior processes           1977
Learning and motivation 1985-1987
Memory and cognition            1973-1978
Neuroreport     1990
Nutrition and behavior  1982
Neuropsychologia        1985-1987
Neuroscience letters    1991
Psychological bulletin  1950-1990
Psychological review    1960-1997
Physiology and behavior 1974-1977
Pharmacology, biochemistry and behavior 1973-1976
Quarterly journal of studies on alcohol         1966-1974
Society for Neuroscience abstracts      1984-1990
Synapse 1987
Vision research 1977-1984