The 2004 Atlantic Provinces Library Association Conference and 65th
Ordinary General Meeting  was great and I know we will have as much fun
next year.

Many thanks to all who made the conference such a positive event.  I came
back home elated and full of ideas, ready to share with others. I hope it
is the same for you.

As a follow-up to the "@your library" session on Friday afternoon, I
checked with the ALA office and am pleased to announce that ALA has
confirmed that they did get our application, that APLA is registered with
the Campaign for the World's Libraries and can use the resources.  IFLA is
maintaining the website is somewhat behind and will eventually update the

Therefore, you, members of APLA,  are most welcome to use the information
available - remember it is free as long as you follow the guidelines. It is
one of the simplest methods of promoting our libraries (public, academic,
special) with a unified voice.

Good luck promoting your libraries!!!!
Please note:  It would be a good reason to renew your membership!

Laurette Mackey
Past President