Hi Jacques,
Again to follow up by email to the Quebec model paper. Would you care
to join us, or is it too late to discuss this issue of foreign trained
dentists who first immigrate to Quebec and then seek labour mobility.
I'm not even sure if enough has changed that you would want to change
anything at this date.

I like the idea of meeting in the lobby at 8 pm, Linda. I'd certainly
be happy to scout for a cafe this if this sounds acceptable to others?
I'll see if I can find a cafe in the old town area. I think the hotel is

I'll be monitoring my email while on vacation.

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Hi Jill,

I arrive at 7 p.m., so assuming that I am at the hotel within an hour,
I could meet with the group around 8 p.m. for an hour or so (then I'll
want to freshen up and retire for the evening). Since it sounds like you
will arrive much earlier perhaps you could check out the neighbourhood
for a cafe and we can meet in the hotel lobby at 8 p.m. Well, how about
I just say I am available and leave any arrangements to you.

Otherwise, perhaps we could have lunch together on Monday and discuss
dental occupations.

Take care.

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Subject: RE: dental occs and Quebec City

Hi Linda, Earl and Vince,

I wonder if any of you would feel like getting together to talk about
dental occupations sometime Sunday evening? I don't know what time you
all get in. I think I would be available to meet anytime after 5pm;
maybe we could do supper in the revolving restaurant or in the old
I'm away from the office, till the meeting, but I'll be reading my
while I'm on holiday.