Hi everyone,

No doubt some on this list are at the APLA conference in Moncton - I trust
it all goes well with a suitable balance of professionalism and

For those of us rooted at our desks in front of our computer screens (or if
we're lucky, reviewing a new reference to soon tell everyone about), I
wanted to bring the below item to the attention of the APLA list.

The question arises for me (and I hope for you as well) in this call from
the University of Alberta - why aren't such internships available from our
universities, colleges or public libraries in Atlantic Canada? Maybe they
are - I believe UNB may have something similar(?). But are there any others?
Note the acceptable starting salary as well.


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Subject: University of Alberta Libraries - Academic Library Internship
                        Academic Library Internship Positions 2004/2005

The University of Alberta Libraries invites applications from recent library
school graduates interested in pursuing a career in academic libraries.  The
internship appointment is for a one-year term.

Qualified applicants must:

*       have graduated from an accredited Canadian library school program in
2003 or 2004.
*       commit to a one year contract appointment in the University of
Alberta Libraries
*       The internships are intended to:
*       provide experience to recent graduates interested in exploring a
career in academic libraries
*       provide an opportunity to discover the multitude of opportunities
within an academic library setting
*       create mentoring and networking opportunities for recent graduates
as well as provide for professional development and training

It is anticipated that the successful candidates will assume a variety of
assignments appropriate for an introductory appointment.  Assignments will
include reference and collections work and instructional opportunities.
These assignments could be system-wide or located in any library unit or
department, depending upon system needs and the skills, abilities and
interests of the successful candidates.  In 2004/05 one of the internships
has been designated to focus upon spatial data and GIS resources.  Interest
in this specialty should be clearly indicated in the letter of application.

The successful candidates will possess an enthusiastic service attitude,
excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt to change and a
variety of clients.  French language working ability would be an asset.
All candidates will also possess superior information management skills.

Completed application packages must be received no later than June 18, 2004
to be considered for a July 1, 2004 appointment.  Appointment will be at the
Librarian 1 level with a salary of $ 43,742.

Information concerning the application procedure is located at:

For more information contact:

Kathleen De Long
Associate Director (Finance and Human Resources)
University of Alberta Libraries

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(780) 492-7675
(780) 492-8302 (fax)

To contact our 2003/04 interns see:

Kathleen De Long
Associate Director (Finance and Human Resources)
University of Alberta Libraries
(780) 492-7675
(780) 492-8302 (fax)

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