Hi everyone,

Sadly there continues to be a number of academic institutions, as well as
public libraries, with questionable web design for access by a variety of
end-users. Thus, certain populations continue to be excluded.

I thought for your interest (and may be for some of your colleagues who are
involved with inclusive design for web access), that it would be useful to
know that the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries
(CACUL) in partnership with ARL's Online Lyceum Distance Learning, is
offering an Accessible Web Design course this coming May and later in the
fall as well. The course can be taken on Windows or Mac with specific system
requirements as outlined in the course information.

This course, and a number of other course options can be accessed at: . Although these courses are based in
the U.S., CACUL/CLA members can pay in Canadian dollars (but payable to ARL
in US funds). Thanks to the National CACUL Executive for their leadership in
this initiative.

All the best,

Leo J. Deveau, B.A., M.Ed., MLIS
Research and Communications
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