Hi everyone,

Re. below, I thought this recent reference on personal information
management issues might be of interest.

The thought occurs to me that this would make for an interesting workshop
re. professional librarians share how they manage their busy inboxes - re.
tips and nightmares to avoid - the keepers and the deletes:)

Jones, William.  "[36]Finders, Keepers? The Present and Future
     Perfect in Support of Personal Information Management "  [37]First
     Monday 9(3) (1 March 2004)
     ( ). -
     Jones explores the impact of decisions to keep or discard the kind
     of personal data that accretes daily in our inboxes and Blogs --
     spam, email, the weather, sports news and more -- together with
     critical information that has a longer term value. Since what seems
     mundane today may have strategic value tomorrow, this isn't such a
     lightweight matter, he says. What follows is interesting
     deconstruction of the process of parsing through 'stuff', which we
     often do unconsciously. Even though many information users don't
     focus on their habits, how we handle extraneous information is an
     essential part of personal information management, he argues. Bad
     decisions come in many flavors; keeping too much stuff can be as
     costly in time as keeping minimal back-files. What's more, the wrong
     information competes for attention with more appropriate sources as
     tasks change during the day. He assesses decision support
     strategies such as reducing 'false positives' (keeping useless
     information), and avoiding 'misses' (not keeping useful
     information). This article is an interesting analysis of how the
     processes that surround the information cascade combine to take a
     substantial bite of our time.

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Volume 15, no. 4, April 2004
Edited by [2]Roy Tennant

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