The following is being forwarded for Madeleine Lefebvre
<[log in to unmask]>. Congratulations to Doug.

At the recent SMUSA (Saint Mary's University Students Association) Student
Charter Day Awards Night, Doug Vaisey was presented with the Literary "M"

Doug's citation read as follows:

"You know him as 'The tall skinny guy who works at the Reference Desk',
or as 'That really friendly guy' or 'That really helpful guy who found
everything I needed and a lot more.'

He's Doug Vaisey, and for more than 30 years he has been the Reference and
Research Librarian here at Saint Mary's.  About him (as Doug would put it)
I'd like to say four things:  Not only has he taught thousands of students
how to use the library and helped many thousand more with papers and
assignments, he has written guides to writing papers and using databases,
collected the Reference Collection for our library, and he has supplied
the most obscure references for the most obscure research for the most
obscure faculty here at Saint Mary's.

He can find information where no one else can and he does it with a smile,
with endless patience, and along the way he teaches students how to do it
themselves the next time.  Doug has been a reference guru for libraries
around town for years - the gold standard for library information in
Halifax.  His whole working life he has done this for the students of
Saint Mary's; Doug Vaisey has made an immeasurable contribution to our

The Literary "M" Award is granted to students/faculty for literary
contribution to the University.

Everyone in the Patrick Power Library is exceedingly proud of Doug for
being awarded this honor.