Hi everyone,

I just got back from holidays and wanted to share this positive note I
recently received from Mr. Carrier.

I guess the question now is how many other fragile, but important
information services are Œout thereš that
are either at the mercy of someone who might soon be retiring, or worst,
there is no funding support to fill that personšs shoes to continue the


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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 14:16:42 -0500
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Subject: Canadian Charter of Rights Decision Website

Dear Mr. Deveau,
We were pleased to learn that the Department of Justice has agreed to
provide the Canadian Charter of Righs Decisions database to CANLII, ensuring
continued free access for Canadians to this valuable resource.
We are glad that the concerns voiced by the library community have been
heard and responded to, and that an alert has gone out to members of CLA and
of CALL to monitor and report any other important sites which are in
jeopardy of disappearing.  We at Library and Archives Canada will continue
to be vigilant in this regard and have been building a very large collection
of e-publications.  Library and Archives Canada have also recently acquired
the former Prime Minister's website.  With over 10,000 e-publications, the
electronic collection at the LAC is growing rapidly.
Roch Carrier

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