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AUDIO CONNECTIONS SERIES ­ starts: February 24th, 2004  - 3pm to 4pm EST

If you had the opportunity to meet Caitlin Williams at the OLA Super
Conference in 2002 or 2004 you will know she is a dynamic career guru!
Her expertise will be shared throughout this five part Career Planning
series as she guides you through self-assessments, personal resilience,
career enhancement, quality of life and the BIG picture.

Caitlin Williams is president of Successful Working Women, Inc. and Work
Matters. Caitlin holds a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Kent
State University and she has been in the field of career development for
over twenty years. Caitlin's areas of expertise and interest include women's
career development, future trends in the workplace and boomer lifestyle
issues, and she is a frequent speaker on these topics.

with Caitlin P. Williams, President of Successful Working Women, Inc. and
Work Matters

Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, this
five-session course will focus on the exploration, discussion and
opportunity to practice key career savvy skills to enhance your professional
development. It is appropriate for those seeking employment in the library
field, those who are in the early stages of their career, and those who have
been in the field for a number of years and wish to stretch themselves
toward advancement and/or growth.

The program will include:
1.    a mini self-assessment;
2.    an overview of the importance of creating a professional development
3.    a definition of career management in today's workplace;
4.    discussion of four key career competency themes;
5.    additional readings; and
6.    the development of a Personal Action Plan.

WHEN -  Seminars start February 24, 2004  at  4:30 - 5:30 p.m. EST

Sessions will cover the following:
Prior to Session 1:
*    Complete the 10 Strengths Self Assessment

Session 1: (Tuesday, February 24, 2004)
*    Introduction to and Overview of the Program
*    Review of the Self-Assessment Results
*    Discussion of Professional Development - as a mindset and an ongoing
*    The importance of shaping and managing one's career today
*    Questions for Reflection (to be completed prior to Session 2)

Session 2: (Tuesday, March 9, 2004)
*    Theme 1: Personal Resilience
*    Review of Reflection work on this topic
*    Discussion of importance and value of resilience in one's career today
*    Reflection Assignment (to be completed prior to Session 3)

Session 3: (Tuesday, March 23, 2004)
*    Theme 2: Career Enhancement
*    Review of Reflection work on this topic
*    Discussion of the various forms that career enhancement can take
(depending on career goals, stage in one's career, and personal/family
lifestyle and commitments)
*    Reflection Assignment (to be completed prior to Session 4)

Session 4: (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)
*    Theme 3: Quality of Life
*    Review of Reflection work on this topic
*    Discussion
*    Resources
*    Reflection Assignment and pre-work in preparation for designing a
Personal Action Plan (to be completed prior to Session 5)

Session 5: (Tuesday, April 20, 2004)
*    Theme 4: The Big Picture
*    Review of Reflection work on this topic
*    Discussion
*    Scenario Planning Exercise
*    Putting it All Together - Walk through of Personal Action Plan
*    Creation of Personal Action Plan
*    What's Next? Discussion and Suggestions for creating an ongoing
Learning Group

FEES includes all 5 sessions
Members: $125.00 + GST
Non-Members: $165.00 + GST
Includes long distance and teleconferencing charges.

TO REGISTER for this course please visit the Ontario Library Association web
site at <> and register on our secure web site or
call me at any of the numbers below.  Deadline for registration: February
20, 2004 

Maria Ripley 
OLA Education Director
100 Lombard Street, Suite #303
Toronto, ON   M5C 1M3
416/363-3388 x30  Toll Free: 866/873-9867

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