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Re. below, from HOT BYTES E-NEWSLETTER, produced biweekly by the e-Content
Institute ( ), January 19, 2004, I'm
curious to know how well we think APLA members are swimming (versus
drowning) in the sea of information?


Too much information:

A recent study by UC Berkeley reports that since 1999 there has been a 30
percent increase in the amount of data in the world. "The world's total
production of information amounts to about 250 megabytes for each man,
woman, and child on earth," Peter Lyman and Hal Varian, senior researchers
at Berkeley, write in their report. "It is clear that we are all drowning in
a sea of information. The challenge is to learn to swim in that sea, rather
than drown in it. Better understanding and better tools are desperately
needed if we are to take full advantage of the ever increasing supply of
information." Four reasons for wasted data listed in the article include: 1.
A lack of time, attention, or training needed to collect and use available
knowledge. 2. No time or resources allocated to analyze data collected. 3.
Knowledge transfer is limited by lack of trust, internal politics, etc. 4.
Leaders are weakly committed.

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