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Trust a pleasant holiday has been been had by all. Re. below, I thought this
reference might be of interest to some. A lot of very useful information via
the presentations' material.

     Digital Library Federation Fall Forum 2003   Washington, DC:
     Digital Library Federation, November 2003.
     ( - A
     tremendous amount of innovation is going on in libraries these
     days, the world over. For those of us in the United States,
     however, one of the best sources for finding out about cutting-edge
     developments is at the twice-yearly DLF Forums. Although only
     members and invited guests can attend, the rest of us can virtually
     attend by reviewing the many interesting presentations that are
     available online shortly after the end of the meeting. I won't
     attempt to list the topic areas of the presentations, which vary
     widely, but will leave you with the assertion that if you are
     interested in digital library issues of any stripe, there is likely
     something of interest here for you

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