at MSVU we have dealt with non-print items like videos, computer discs and
audiocassettes by placing an empty dummy container (usually not the original) on
the shelves with a message attached that the actual material is available at the Circ
desk. Of course this requires that there be adequate shelving in our Circ area but so
far we've had no problem either with access or space.


On 14 Oct 2003 at 8:51, Ruthmary Macpherson wrote:

Hello everyone,

At Mount Allison University, we have been shelving videocassettes in
the regular stacks, right along with the books. This approach has been
very popular with our students. Now we are beginning to acquire DVDs
and we are wondering how to deal with the security issues resulting
from putting them out in a public area.

Do any of you have DVD collections in publicly accessed areas? Or are
you planning such a collection? How have you dealt with the security

Your advice gratefully received.

Ruthmary Macpherson
Head, Technical Services
Mount Allison University