Date:  Friday, September 19th

Time:  11:45 a.m.

Place: University Hall, MacDonald Building, Dalhousie University


"Critical Condition": The Case for a National Network of Libraries for Health


Patrick Ellis, Kellogg Health Sciences Library, Dalhousie University


Health Librarians believe Canada needs a National Network of Libraries for
Health.  Health practitioners everywhere in the country need the same access
to the best information to share knowledge and evidence.  Access today is a
patchwork, with no assurances of equity or quality.  NNLH will provide  this
access and capability, as well as build a platform for change, cooperation and

Patrick Ellis is presently co-chair of the NNLH Task Force and chair for
Novanet's Opac Functional contacts. He has served as Chair of CHLA's Resource
Sharing Task Force which implemented the use of NLM's Docline in Canada and
has been president of the Canadian Health Libraries Association.

This lecture is open to the public at "no charge."  ALL ARE WELCOME!

School of Library and Information Studies
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
B3H 3J5