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      Kenney, Anne R., Nancy Y.  McGovern, and Ida T.  Martinez, et. al.
      "[18]Google Meets eBay: What Academic Librarians Can Learn From
      Alternative Information Providers"  [19]D-Lib Magazine 9(6) (June
      2003) ( -
      This is the report of an interesting study by Cornell University,
      in which Cornell reference librarians went toe-to-toe with Google
      Answers to try to determine which service answered reference
      questions better and most cost-effectively. The study was basically
      inconclusive, and the authors admit that it was a "quick, limited
      review," but they offer three lessons: "First, the study revealed
      the importance of self-assessment...Just as public school teachers
      evaluate each other's performance throughout the school year,
      reference librarians could improve their services through peer
      review...Second, academic libraries should make a practice of
      regularly monitoring developments in the broader information
      landscape...Finally, what lessons can academic libraries draw from
      the ancillary services offered by commercial enterprises?
      Commercial enterprises determine their services in part by
      assessing their competitors and going one better." Required reading
      for reference librarians and administrators. - [20]RT

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