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>Government of Canada Consultation with Canadians for the World Summit on the
>Information Society
>Table of Contents:
>World Summits: An Overview
>The Need for a World Summit on the Information Society
>Summit Objectives
>Canada's Experience and Success in Building an Information Society
>Canada's Vision of a Global Information Society
>Canadian Consultation on the Summit
>Consultation Questions
>Canadians wishing to contribute to the Summit by making their views known
>are invited to read the consultation document and submit their comments
>online at Comments are welcomed by September 30,
>Date: 2003-08-12
>OTTAWA, August 12, 2003 -- Canadians are invited to help shape Canada's
>vision on how the world can work together to translate information
>technology advancement into worldwide social and economic benefits.
>Aiming to gather heads of state and government, executive heads of United
>Nations agencies, industry leaders, non-governmental organizations and civil
>society, the World Summit on the Information Society is being held under the
>high patronage of Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, with the
>International Telecommunication Union taking the lead role in preparations.
>The Summit is being held in two phases with the first happening from
>December 10-12, 2003, in Geneva, Switzerland, and the second in 2005 in
>Tunis, Tunisia.
>Key issues for discussion include infrastructure development and the
>possible financing of universal access to bridge the digital divide, systems
>security and user privacy. The Geneva portion of the Summit is mandated to
>issue a declaration on these issues and establish an action plan.
>This consultation is being administered by Industry Canada in partnership
>with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
>For more information, please contact:
>Media Relations
>Industry Canada
>(613) 943-2502

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