If any Nova Scotia members of the list and/or their colleagues are willing
to contact election candidates with regards to the issue of access to
information and library services for print disabled Nova Scotians, please
contact me directly for sample letters, candidate contact information, and
background information.

This is the first provincial election campaign since the Canadian Library
Association passed a resolution at the AGM supporting the concept of a
national network of public and private sector constituents, funded jointly
at the Federal and Provincial/Territorial levels to:
       Ensure that Canada provide for Canadians unable to read print an
alternative format library service, which is comparable to that provided by
most developed countries in the world; and

       Coordinate and build accessible, unabridged alternative format
collections for a comprehensive, library service for these Canadians; and

       Under the auspices of CLA and CNIB, establish and maintain the
standards for alternative format collections and specialized library
services; and

       Support the information and communication technologies appropriate
to maintain the service.

The full text of the resolution is available at the CLA web site:

We hope to make this an election issue in every province and the next
federal election - please help us get the word out to candidates.

Jane Beaumont
Vice - Chair, CNIB Library Board

Jane Beaumont, P.O. Box 134, Port Medway,
Nova Scotia B0J 2T0 Canada     Phone/Fax: 902.677.2605
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