The APLA General Activities Fund (GAF) was established in
1985. It is designed to provide funding for activities and
projects, which serve to further the aims and objectives of
the Association. Since one of the primary strategic goals of
APLA is continuing education, the GAF is often used to fund
continuing education activities.

The GAF is open to any APLA member in good standing,
including Vice-Presidents and committee or interest group
conveners. The application process is designed for easy
access to the funds. All that is required is a description
of the activity, noting the purpose, the audience, the
duration and a budget proposal, indicating whether the
request is for seed money or a subsidy and whether other
sources of revenue are to be used, including the projected
revenues/expenses. Applications are submitted to the Finance
Committee, comprised of the President, the
Vice-President/President Elect and the Treasurer. Once
approval is granted and the activity takes place, all that
remains is the submission of a financial report along with
any funds recovered from the activity. In the case of
multiple sponsors, all groups share in the profits/deficits
in accordance with the amounts contributed by each.

In the currrent 2002/2003 fiscal year, the Finance Committee
has approved 4 grants from the General Activities Fund, for
a total of $2900. To date, we have given:

Law for the People                               $1110
Community Access to Health Planning Information  $ 690
Library Week (NS/PE)                             $ 600
Children's Programming Workshop                  $ 500

But we would like to do so much more. We still have $4800 in
the GAF.  If you have an idea, please send it along. We can
help with the funding to make your idea possible. The
deadline for applications for the 2002/2003 fiscal year is
March 31, 2003, but grants can be approved anytime before
the deadline.

Elaine MacLean
APLA President/Convener of the Finance Committee

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