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Dear Library Colleagues,

THE LEARNING SPACE, The OLA Education Institute, has just
been launched in  Ontario.  This is a library focussed
series of workshops, seminars, audio connections, networking
and on-line edcuation opportunities.  It is a new era in
library education and one that we want to invite you to be a
part of.  It is our goal that an undertaking of this size
can benefit all library practitioners no matter where they
are living and working.

The four words we are using to describe THE LEARNING SPACE
are: Inspiration, Expertise, Flexibility and Value.
Consider these virtues when you are making a decision about
bettering your credentials through training.

OLA recognizes that you are not in Ontario and attending
in-person workshops/seminars is difficult if not impossible,
but we have devised a
series of programs you can participate in from the comfort
of your office or home.  Your affiliation with your
provincial library association will ensure you get member
rates.  Please read on and we will tell you more about what
is available.

For a complete catalogue of education opportunities.
Request one from OLA by:  [log in to unmask] or
visit the OLA web-site

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