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Urgent  Notice

The Library Advisory Committee of the DSP (Depository Services
Program)  met last week in Ottawa and found out  that the Program
is being merged with Canadian Government Publishing which is the
arm of Communication Canada that sells Canadian Government
Publications. As well,  the Director of the Depository Services
Program's position is being phased out. As of yesterday, the
Director of the Program was relieved of his duties and the re-
organization of the section is being stepped up. There was also a
strong indication received by the Library Advisory Committee that
the proposed re-organization is already with Treasury Board which
would mean that all funding for the Program is involved. The library
community was not consulted about this. The "Partners in Access"
indeed are turning out to be no partners at all.

At the same time, legislation is moving forward concerning the new
Library and Archives Canada. In the last few years, the National
Library has developed many synergies with the DSP in providing
tools of access. The National Library has moved ahead with critical
programs such as identification and capturing of e-documents,
archiving these and providing access tools to them, sometimes
conjointly with DSP.

There are over one thousand Depository Libraries that interpret,
give reference to and generally provide direct access to government
documents to the public. We do so in the most democratic of
fashions so that no citizen is further than 50 miles from one of us.
The local access we provide is impartial and  done in a professional
environment. We are the grass roots of government information.

We need to let the government know that the appropriate fit for their
and OUR Program is at the new Library and Archives Canada. The
library community has worked with the Depository Services
Program for years, ensuring that the information collected by the
Government of Canada is available to all Canadians. 75 years of
this successful partnership and history can continue and grow only
in a future partners program that Library and Archives Canada is
positioned to provide.

Later this week, the Canadian Library Association will be sending
out a suggested letter to the community asking us to contact
various Ministers. WE MUST ALL WRITE (email) if we wish to see
the Program protected.

The Canadian Library Association is working in concert with other
library associations and other groups as well. I will post a memo on
this listerv, if I am allowed, to let you know where you can find the
proposed letter.

If not, watch for information at or contact me at
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Vivienne       (:>)

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