Hi All,

Although I do not work in the public library, I would like to support Darlene's position. Throughout my childhood and adulthood, I have spent countless stimulating, vibrant, soothing, and comfortable hours in the beautiful 'Carnegie' public libraries one can find throughout North America. Can you imagine if people in the midst of the Depression worried about the Carnegie "blood money" being spent on dozens and dozens of gorgeous libraries constructed in some of the poorest areas of our big cities? People who care about the survival of public libraries do not have the luxury of rejecting corporate sponsorship. While I agree with Catherine that cola stickers in each book is a bit much, I do not like Catherine's snobbishness about cider and green tea (personally I would like to see milk and cookies served to inner city children in the public libraries -- much better for them than green tea!).

Janet Fraser
College Librarian
College of the North Atlantic
St. John's, Newfoundland

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I work for a Family Literacy Committee and it is hard to get money. The
Learning Exchange her in NB applied for money through them and didn't get
any. As for the obesity problem, sure it is out there, but do I think my 10
year is going to become obese because he is reading a book sponsored by coca
cola, I find it hard to believe and if I have a choice between him reading a
book and seeing a symbol once when he opens it or watching TV  and seeing it
3 times in 15 minutes. I would choose the book hands down. Also, many public
libraries are having their summer programs sponsored by Mc Donalds so it is
everywhere. If you library is fortunate enough to not have to seek donation
from large "food/drink" corporations great, but many do not have that luxury
and I think patrons would rather have new books than to say no to coca-cola.
I use to manage a professional theatre company and we had duMaurier as a
sponsor. I don't smoke, hate it, but $15,000 for a production was great when
there the competition for the $ is so great. These were adult production
employing adults and for adults. It worked well. I can think of companies
that break environmental laws, drug companies, most companies have down
falls, but we have to keep an open mind.


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Hi All,

> My jobber here in Ontario recently sent me this information about the ABC
> Literacy Foundation.  Personally the concept of commerical promotion
> the public library offends me.  It's blatant advertising and in this case,
> an unhealthy product.  Hasn't everyone heard about the obesity problem
> North Americans.

> What do others feel?


> > Are you two aware of the Coca-Cola money that the ABC Literacy
> > is distributing? Here's a link:
> >
> >
> >
> > I just spoke to a very small library (they serve a population of approx
> > 1400) that just received a grant of $1500 through this program to
> > children's books with and was told that the application process was an
> easy
> > one, with approval and a cheque coming in a month's time. The catch is
> > having to slap a Coke sticker inside each book.
> >
> > Could one of you let me know if you'd been aware of this program? I'm
> > trying to get a feel for how many libraries know about it.
> >
> > Myself, I drink cider and green tea. Just for the taste of it!
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> >
> >
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