A few reminders/suggestions about the registration process for the Basic
Disaster Preparedness and Response Workshop:

Call or email Lois and tell her which session you want to attend. Include
both your phone number and email address. Do not expect your financial
personnel to do this for you.

After you've registered with Lois contact your financial personnel about
requisitioning a cheque. Name(s) of attendee(s) MUST accompany the cheque.
Make this very clear to your financial personnel. We've already received a
cheque with no name on it. This is confusing, adds needless work and could
mean that someone won't get to attend a workshop they paid for.

The cheque is made payable to APLA and is to be sent to the APLA treasurer
by October 31, 2002. If insufficient funds are received by this date, the
workshop will be cancelled and cheques will be sent back. If this happens,
participants will be notified.

Marnie MacGillivray, APLA Treasurer
Mount Saint Vincent University
166 Bedford Highway
Halifax, NS
B3M 2J6

More information on the workshop and directions to BIO will be sent to the
participants in early November.

For further information please contact Lois Loewen at 902.426.3683 or
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