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Subject: WFNS Writing Workshops

September 5, 2002

A Class-y Fall at the Writers' Federation

Know you have a good book in you but having trouble getting it onto
paper?  The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia has designed a series
of fall courses designed to prime all the creative wellsprings.
Whether you aspire to a free-lance career, are hungry for the bright
lights of film, are a closet poet or want to capture a children's
story, WFNS has the solution for you.

Writing Novels for Children with Joan Clark
When: Saturday, September 28, 11 am to 2 pm at WFNS
Cost: $40 WFNS members/$50 non-members (light lunch included)

Joan Clark wants participants to provide a one-page commentary on the
novel you're working on, or that you hope to write.  Together, you'll
look at ways of writing that novel, focusing on what you want to do
with your novel and explore suggestions for getting there.  Joan Clark
has written eight books for children, most recently The Word for Home
(Penguin, 2002). The Dream Carvers won the 1995 Geoffrey Bilson Award
for Historical Fiction for Young People, the 1995 Mr. Christie's Book
Award, the 1996 Hibernia Book Award and was shortlisted for the Ann
Connor Brimer Award.  In 1999, she received the Vicky Metcalf Award
for Children's Literature. Enrollment limited to 12 writers

Writing for Camera with Bruce McKenna
When: Thursday evenings, 7 to 9 from October 3 to 24, Friday November
1 and Saturday/Sunday November 2 & 3 Cost: $135 WFNS members/$160
non-members. Limited enrollment.

Unlike most other forms of creative writing, the screenplay is the
beginning of a process rather than an end.  The more a screenwriter
understands the other creative elements involved in filmmaking, the
more chance their script has of ressembling the finished work.  While
focusing on the writing, this workshop will give participants
experience in acting, directing and producing.  The course will be
spread over six weeks which will include five evening sessions of
script development and than be followed by a two day weekend where
each script is shot with the participants serving as actors, directors
and producers. Bruce McKenna will lead the workshop at 1113 Marginal
Road.  Bruce is a screenwriter who after a nine-month sojourn in
California has returned to his Nova Scotia roots.  A long-time member
of the Writers' Guild of Canada, Bruce wrote the feature Salt Water
Moose for Norstar and scripts for Black Harbour in addition to being
featured as a regular reviewer of books on the trade for Canadian

The Nuts & Bolts of Freelance Writing with donalee Moulton
When: Monday evenings, 7 to 9 from September 16 to October 21 (no
class on Thanksgiving) Cost: $125 WFNS members/$150 non-members.

Is it possible to make a living as a freelance writer?  No matter
where you live, you can gain a toehold in the competitive, challenging
and profitable freelance just need to know how.  Starting
from an examination of what constitutes a good idea, donalee Moulton
will provide a hands-on approach to the query letter, tagging an idea
to the market, pitching, writing leads, bodies and conclusions, as
well as the myriad business concerns of the freelance writer.  This is
a hands-on workshop where you'll be thinking, writing and revising.
donalee Moulton has been writing professionally for more than twenty
years.  She is Atlantic correspondent for a half dozen trade journals;
is an editor, conference reporter and expert medical writer in
addition to writing speeches, news releases and corporate
communications. Enrollment is limited to 16 writers.

A Poet's First Steps with Sue Goyette
When: Tuesday evenings, 7 to 9 from September 17 to October 1/
October 22 to November 12 with a finale on Saturday November 16, 10 am
to 2:30 pm Cost: $135 WFNS members/$160 non-members.  Easy payment
terms arranged. Enrollment is limited to 12 poets.  Submit 3 pages of
writing with registration

Through simple exercises designed to get your creativity moving, and
group discussion designed to help you with editing and revision, you
can learn how to be a better, more dynamic writer. Poetry isn't all
high seriousness, it's also enormous fun.  The exchange of ideas and
works-in-progress will result in new perspectives that will allow the
poets to clarify, intensify and tighten their poems.  Sue Goyette's
first collection of poems, The True Name of Birds (Brick) was
nominated for the Governor General's Award.  HarperCollins Canada
recently released her first novel, Lures.  Sue taught at the Maritime
Writers' Workshop this summer, and is Writer-in-Electronic Residence
at Banff this season.

Easy payment terms may be arranged for all workshops.


For further information contact:
Monika Sormova/Jane Buss
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