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At its June 19, 2002 meeting, CLA Executive Council agreed to the
formation of a Task Force on Continuing Education that will recommend an
appropriate role for CLA in providing continuing education opportunities
to its members.

The Task Force will work through the fall gathering and synthesizing
input from members, and will make a proposal to council at its regular
January 2003 meeting. The work of the task force will be done through
monthly teleconference calls and email.

CLA is seeking 8-10 members representing a diversity of perspectives to
participate on the Task Force. It will be chaired by Past President
Margaret Law. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Task
Force on Continuing Education, please send a brief email to Peter
Wilson, at [log in to unmask] by September 6, 2002, stating your interest in
CLA's future role in continuing education.

Selection of Task Force members will be made by the Committee on

For a more detailed look at the Continuing Education Task Force
Proposal, please visit

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