Earlier this summer, an APLA General Activities Fund grant helped support
the distribution of a Community Health Impact Assessment Rersource Package
to public libraries throughout the Atlantic region.

These resource packages are currently being made available to public
libraries through the respective provincial libraries. We also have a
limited number of resource packages available for academic libraries
supporting health-related educational programs.

The package comprises two documents: a "Community Health Impact Assessment
Tool" and an accompanying manual. The packages are intended for the use of
community groups, health boards, and others interested in assessing aspects
of the health of their communities. The resource was produced under a
collaborative project that involved university, public sector, and community
groups in north-eastern Nova Scotia.

If your academic library serves students in health-related programs, you can
obtain a copy of this package free of charge. Please e-mail me directly
(off-list), and I will send a copy to you by post, while they last.

Best wishes,

Sue Adams
Coady International Institute
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS

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