July 19, 2002

This new guide may be of interest to some on the listserv.  Darlene Tan

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A taxonomic guide to some common marine phytoplankton. by Rita A.
Horner. due August/ September 2002.
This Guide contains photographs, descriptions and distribution records of
134 species, it includes descriptions of major taxonomic groups of
phytoplankton that have harmful or potentially harmful species (diatoms,
dinoflagellates, raphidophytes, prymnesiophytes and silicoflagellates), a
discussion of sampling methods and sample analysis protocols, a glossary of
terms pertinent to phytoplankton and references. It provides easy
identification for both amateurs and professionals. hardback, 195 + v.
pages, 134 color plates, 6 mono and 3 line drawings. ISBN 0-948737-65-4. $70
(after publication $78.00) [ Europe 39 Pounds Sterling ]  plus shipping.
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