Oh Yes,  that question.  However, as I'm new to this list I haven't actually seen the responses.

I work in a medium sized Ontario library and we have an annual book sale.  We direct most donations to that sale.

Unfortunately, the cost of shipping books to other countries has meant no one is willing to take that on these days.  There were a couple churchs
who did this, but I believe the cost has stopped them has well.

The only item I refer to other teachers is back issues of National Geographic.  The student cut them up for projects.

Last resort - our recycling depot.

Hope this helps.


Caren Mofford wrote:

> I know I am risking the ire of the list as I am sure this question has been asked and answered many times...
> Does anyone have a "prepared" response they would like to share?
> I have been asked by a retiring school teacher if there is some place where she can donate her used books -  "like to a third world country"?
> I did tell her I thought it might be easier and more appropriate to see if another teacher might want the materials...
> Cheers Caren Mofford
> Family Resource Library, IWK Health Centre
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