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Subject: Publishing Opportunity

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                You are invited to submit proposed articles for a special
issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly entitled "The Many Faces of Information
Competence."  The issue is coedited by Michael Adams of the City University
of New York Graduate Center and Mariana Regalado of Brooklyn College.

                Academic librarians are increasingly instructing targeted
groups within the academic environment. Such groups include freshman
learning communities, international students, graduate students, and
faculty. Each of these groups is far from homogenous because of the
diversity of their expectations of libraries and their information-seeking
experiences. Even into the twenty-first century, many faculty members, for
example, are reluctant to use electronic resources.

                How can we develop instruction programs that will address
the shared needs of such groups and the diverse needs of individuals? What
assessment tools are available to measure the success of such programs? How
can we identify constituencies being underserved?

                Manuscripts are sought that describe successful (and even
unsuccessful) approaches to information literacy for targeted groups and/or
diverse populations in higher education. Manuscripts are also sought that
report on quantitative or qualitative evaluations of the impact of
information literacy programs, courses, and components of courses.  A wide
variety of approaches to this topic are sought.

                Academic Exchange Quarterly is a scholarly journal fostering
education, career growth, and personal development for college and
university faculty.  Its current issue deals with "The Scholarship of
Teaching and Learning," and recent issues have focused on such topics as
assessment of academics, services, and administration and student
perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes.  Over 23,000 institutions and
individuals subscribe to the print edition of Academic Exchange Quarterly,
and it is available electronically from Expanded Academic ASAP and InfoTrac
OneFile.  Scholars from 263 colleges and universitites in 44 states and 22
foreign countries have published in the journal.

                Additional information is available at

                Submit 50-100 word proposals to Michael Adams at
[log in to unmask]  The manuscript deadline will be May 2003.

                Please share this message with any librarians or faculty
members who may be interested.