The APLA executive plans to make the following motion at the
63rd OGM, in response to a motion passed at the 62nd OGM,
concerning the
merging of the Communications Committee (Standing Order
6.04) and the Public Relations Committee (Standing Order
6.05). The executive was directed by the membership to
review the terms of reference of a merged committee to be
brought back to the 63rd OGM.

What follows is the motion that will be presented to the
membership under Business Arising from the Minutes (Agenda
Item 5.3).

MOTION: that Standing Orders 6.04 and 6.05 be deleted and
replaced with the following as Standing Order 6.04.

Communications and Public Relations Committee


The convener shall be appointed by the Committee on
Committees and Interest Groups for a two year term.

Membership shall include the following: APLA President, APLA
listserv postmaster, Vice-President for Membership, editor
of the APLA Bulletin, webpage editor, and convenor of the
Francophone Interest Group.

The committee may include other members.

Terms of reference:

to publicize and promote the aims and activities of APLA to
libraries and other related organizations and to the general
public of the Atlantic Provinces.

as a primary objective, to promote communication among
members and to make the committee visible to all members of
the Association.

to maintain the APLA listserv.

to maintain the APLA website.

to edit the APLA Membership Directory.

to compile annually a list of library-related associations
in the Atlantic Provinces for inclusion in the APLA
Membership Directory.

to assist the Bulletin Management Board as necessary in
order to ensure the continuance of the APLA Bulletin as the
publication of the Association.

to organize a session at each annual conference to increase
the visibility of the committee and communication among APLA

to provide at least one topical article a year on its
activities, to be published in the APLA Bulletin.

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