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Trudy Amirault of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Winner of 2002 Outstanding
Public Library Service Award

Ottawa, Ontario, June 10, 2002 --  The Canadian Association of Public
Libraries (CAPL) and Brodart are pleased to announce that this year's
recipient of the CAPL/Brodart Outstanding Public Library Service  Award
is Trudy Amirault, Director, Western Counties Regional Library,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This award honours Trudy Amirault's outstanding
career as a librarian, library administrator and community leader.

A native of Nova Scotia, Mrs.  Amirault has dedicated her professional
life to the development and delivery of public library service,
especially to residents of rural and remote areas of the province.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Amirault has fought for the basis library
values of literacy, equity of service and the development of
partnerships with the community.  She has been actively involved on the
local, regional and provincial level dealing with all aspects of library
service for that past 30 years.

Mrs. Amirault was an early participant in the Community Access Program
(CAP) initiative, and has served on several provincial Application
Review Committees. She was a member of the Regional Public Library
Funding Committees in 1997 and 2000 representing the Council of Regional
Libraries, and was instrumental in the development of the Western Heath
Information Project (WHIP ) now known as the Nova Scotia Health Network.
Through her involvement with the federal government's Web4all
Initiative, the Western Counties Regional Library system has been an
active participant in the pilot project.

As the Regional Library Director, Mrs. Amirault has guided and directed
the evolution of public library service in a time of economic, societal
and technological change. Her vision of libraries serving as tools for
community capacity building, economic development and innovations in
technology have ensured that the library is seen as a relevant and
dynamic hub in the community where the diverse needs of the individual
are met.

The recipient of this award receives a plaque, a cash award, and a
donation in their name to the charity of their choice.

The award will be presented by Gina LaForce, President,  at the end of
the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Public
Libraries to be held on June 18, 2002 from 5:15 - 6:30 p.m.

Brodart is an international library furniture and supply company, with
its Canadian head office in Brantford, Ontario. The Canadian Association
of Public Libraries is a division of the Canadian Library Association.

For further information on or after June 21, 2002, please contact;

Trudy Amirault
Director, Western Counties Regional Library System
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
(902) 742-2486
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Gina La Force
Canadian Association of Public Libraries
(905) 472-6057
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Communications Coordinator (ext. 320)
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