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Ottawa, Ontario (June 26, 2002) - The Canadian Library Association is
pleased to announce that the winner of the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon
Award for 2002 is Where I Live, written and illustrated by Frances
Wolfe, published by Tundra Books.  Ms. Wolfe received her award at CLA's
annual conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 20, 2002.

The dark blue inside covers, and the heavy cream coloured title page
introduce the reader to this elegant book of verse.  The paintings sweep
across both landscape size pages of this exceptional picture book.  The
text is blocked and framed within a cream colored strip that goes from
the top to the bottom of the right hand side of each page.  The precise
words of the poem are matched with richly hued oil paintings that share
a personal, almost private, look at the seaside.  The Nova Scotia
flavour of the front cover illustration and the tasty looking
blueberries sets this book firmly on our east coast.  The seaside
portrayed through the eyes of the young girl leaves the reader awestruck
at the beauty and grandeur of life by the ocean.  Each painting reveals
skill, style and dramatic perspectives.  Raindrops glisten and colors
shimmer.  Detail, color and shading is exceptional; the end result quite
breathtaking.  The reader is right there, experiencing the warmth of the
sun and the beauty of its light sparkling off the water, the intricacies
of seashells held closer than arms length and the immense expanse of the
ocean spread out across the horizon.  This very intimate portrayal
leaves behind a feeling of having shared in a deep and abiding love of
the sea.

Author and illustrator Frances Wolfe lives near the mouth of the
Halifax harbor in a home her family has lived in for more than a
century.  Frances has been drawing all of her life and has spent her
working career in Youth Services at Halifax Regional Library.  Where I
Live is her first book.

Honour books for the 2001 Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award are

Priscilla and Rosy.  Illustrated by Linda Henry and written by Sharon
Jennings. (Fitzhenry and Whiteside); and

Wild Bog Tea.  Pictures by Harvey Chan.  Story by Annette LeBox.
(Groundwood, Douglas and McIntyre)

The Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon Award is presented by the Canadian
Association of Children's Librarians, a section of the Canadian
Association of Public Libraries (CAPL). This medal award was established
in 1971 and is presented annually to the illustrator of an outstanding
children's book published during the previous calendar year.  To merit
consideration the book must be suitable for children up to age fourteen
and have been published in Canada.  The illustrator must be a Canadian
citizen or hold landed immigrant status.

CAPL is a division of the Canadian Library Association, the national
English language association representing the interests of all types of
libraries and library workers. It was founded in 1946 and is made up of
2800 members across five constituent divisions: Canadian Association of
College and University Libraries, Canadian Association of Public
Libraries, Canadian, Association of Special Libraries and Information
Services, Canadian Library Trustees Association, and Canadian School
Library Association. Comprehensive information about the Canadian
Library Association and its programs and services, is available on the
CLA web site:

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