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Libraries are among the most respected and valued institutions because
they are people-centred, they are the portal to information people seek
in all aspects of their lives, they are of increasing importance in an
information-driven world, and they exist in virtually every community in
Canada. The Canadian Library Association (CLA) seeks a national
Executive Director to effectively communicate and foster the unique role
and contributions of libraries and library workers in a knowledge-based
society, and to take the organization on an exciting journey to new
levels of performance and relevance as it meets the evolving needs of
its members and Canadian society.

CLA was founded in 1946 and represents those who work in or advocate
for Canada's 21,000 libraries. CLA members work in college, university,
public, special (corporate, non-profit and government) and school
libraries. Others sit on boards of public libraries, work for
organizations providing goods or services to libraries, or are students
in graduate level or community college programs.

Applicants will offer an understanding of the library community and
association management. The successful candidate will offer a sterling
record of experience and accomplishment in:

 issues management and community representation to key stakeholders
including government, the public, and media;
 the development of continuing education and career development
programs for a diverse and evolving range of professions, and
 enhancing, creating and communicating services that significantly add
value to membership in the Canadian Library Association.

Candidates must also bring strong communications skills, the ability to
interpret and translate member needs into appropriate resources and
services, the ability to manage a membership organization and support a
volunteer board, the ability to develop partnerships and coalitions
based on understanding and trust, and proven managerial experience in
human resources, financial planning, organization planning and
implementation of programs, as well as project management.

Academic background may include a post-secondary and/or post-graduate
preparation in library science from an accredited institution or such
other formal education appropriate to effectively managing a
professional, not-for-profit association. Above all it is essential that
the successful candidate be able to understand and relate to the library
community, and serve as its national advocate.

Qualified candidates are invited to apply by May 31, 2002, to:

Association Resource Centre Inc.
attn: Jack Shand, CAE, Managing Partner
151 Bloor Street West, Suite 800
Toronto, ON  M5S 1S4

E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Fax: 905.842.8275

All applicants are encouraged to visit the Canadian Library Association
on the Internet at to understand our structure,
relationships, programs and services.

Canadian Library Association
328 Frank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 232-9625; Fax: (613) 563-9895