Leading Your Libraries Through Turbulent Times with Susan Wright of the
Randolph Group Management Consultants on Thursday, June 20, 2002 at CLA
2002 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Amalgamations, reorganizations, stressors and pressures - turbulence
seems a permanent feature of organizational life in our libraries.
What's driving it?  More to the point, what should leaders do to guide
libraries through it?  Join highly-acclaimed consultant Susan Wright in
this examination of trends and solutions for equipping and structuring
libraries to thrive on change.  Her wide experience with libraries
anchors this session in practical, workable approaches.

See why colleagues who have worked with her  have said, "...great
overview on implementing change..." and " was so practical and
wonderfully done..."

The session is on Thursday, June 20 at 10:45 am - check the Conference
Web site at

Canadian Library Association
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Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 232-9625; Fax: (613) 563-9895