Hi, I am sending this request on behalf of Dr. Juris Dilevko.

This message is intended to reach the person who is responsible for
collection development at each public library in Canada. If you are not that
person, please pass this message along to the person who is responsible for
collection development of multi-lingual collections at your library.

Hello, my name is Juris Dilevko, and I am a Professor at the Faculty of
Information Studies, University of Toronto. I am writing to ask your help in
finding out about the state of multi-lingual collections in public libraries
in Canada. This is a nation-wide survey of all public libraries of all
sizes, so your participation is important to this project.

I am sending this to the Atlantic Provinces Library Association listserv
because we have very few responses from public libraries in Atlantic Canada.
We really do need your help in order to make this a truly national survey.
In addition, we are only a few dozen answers short of the magic number
needed to make this a valid survey. Could I therefore ask you to please read
the instructions below and go to the web site?

All that you would have to do is go to a web page and answer 10 categories
of questions. Almost all of these questions can be answered using drop-down
menus and clickable multiple-choice answers. The survey should only take you
about 45 minutes to complete.

Of course, all your answers will be confidential and anonymous, and the
survey doesn't even ask for your name or for the name of your library. I
hope that I can count on you to participate in this important survey.

Here is the web site address of the survey: Just click on this link
now and visit the site and look at the type of questions that are being
asked. Then bookmark it, and when you have 45 minutes or so to spare, please
fill out the survey questions and press the SUBMIT button at the end of the
survey. If you could do this sometime within the next 2 weeks, I would
appreciate it very much.

If you have any other questions regarding this survey, please feel free to
write me at: [log in to unmask]

Very Sincerely,

Juris Dilevko
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto