CLA/APLA Conference 2002,  Halifax Nova Scotia,  June 19-22 2002

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As you know, the joint Canadian Library Association/Atlantic Provinces
Library Association (CLA /APLA) Conference is being held in Halifax,
Wednesday June 18, to Saturday June 21,  2002.

People involved with libraries from all over the country, as well as
many international visitors will be converging on Halifax.

Information about the conference is being posted at
You will no doubt hear more about the conference as the date draws near.

This is a first call for volunteers to assist during the conference.

Over 60 volunteers will be needed to staff Registration and Hospitality
desks, monitor conference events and sessions, and prepare conference
materials as well as other duties.

This national event comes to Atlantic Canada only rarely.   It is an
invaluable opportunity for library workers and library supporters alike
to showcase our region, to meet our peers, and to explore library

If you are planning to attend the conference, and particularly if you
are not able to attend the whole conference, volunteering is a wonderful
way to get more closely involved with this event.

Volunteers will be given free access to one conference program session
for each 4-hour volunteer shift.
Program session monitors will receive free access to each conference
session they moderate.

The success of this conference for The Nova Scotia library community as
well as APLA and CLA will depend on the work of the volunteers who

Whether you have only a couple of hours to contribute, or you have more
time to be involved, please volunteer.

Library supervisors and administrators, please consider allowing your
staff time to participate in the conference.  For those not able to
attend the whole conference, this is a great way to get a taste of
national library activities.  Conference volunteers experience an
outstanding, cost-effective, staff development opportunity, while
helping APLA and CLA at the same time.

To Volunteer, or if you have questions, contact:

CLA 2002 Volunteer Coordinator
Peter Webster, Head of Information Systems
Patrick Power Library
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3C3

E-mail [log in to unmask]

Phone: (902) 420-5507
Fax: (902) 420-5561

Peter Webster, Head of Information Systems
Patrick Power Library
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3C3

Ph. (902) 420-5507  Fx. (902) 420-5561