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Following is an internship opportunity with Natural Resources Canada,
Canadian Forest Service  in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Interested
individuals may contact Bruce Pike at 709-637-4918 (or [log in to unmask]).
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Post Secondary Internship Description

TITLE OF INTERNSHIP:    Information Management Intern

        Information management is a key requirement of research
organizations in the growing knowledge-based economy. As a result, there is
a increasing demand for organizations to invest in collecting, archiving,
synthesising and disseminating its knowledge assets. Technological
advancements in computers and communication are changing the traditional
approach to knowledge management. It is important that the future managers
of our information resources have the necessary skills to enable Canada to
remain in the forefront of this revolution. To address this requirement, an
information management intern is being sought.

        The intern will work with an interdisciplinary/interagency team to
develop a Forest Research Information System (FoRIS) for the Newfoundland
Forest Research Advisory Committee (NeFRAC). FoRIS is an initiative designed
to make forest research information specific to Newfoundland and Labrador
more accessible.  Under mentoring from the project leader, the intern will
be responsible for researching and compiling a list of forestry research
publications and reports.  The intern will review and document archival
material including unpublished documents, data, notes, etc and will record
necessary information in a database using international standards. The
intern will interact with computer support staff to make the information
resources more accessible. Also, the intern will have an opportunity to
experience working in a dynamic forest research environment. Depending on
availability, some external training opportunities may also be made
available to the intern.

*       Post Secondary Degree or Diploma in Library Sciences
*       Good working knowledge of computers and computer applications
*       Preference may be given to candidates with the following
*       Demonstrated ability to work in a team
*       Database management skills
*       Organizational skills

*       Experience using the knowledge and skill candidate acquired in
library science education

*       Knowledge of forest related resource materials

*       Computer Skills including: a) Database Management, b) Web Page
*       Knowledge of and Exposure to International Metadata Standards and
Protocols including: a) XML, b) Z39.50, c) FGDC / Dublin Core
*       Exposure to Internet technologies including: a) Internet Map Server,
b) Distributed Databases
*       Exposure to archival protocols and processes
*       Ability to work in a team
*       A network of contacts at other information resource agencies
(public, academic, private)

Bruce Pike
Forest Landscape Biologist
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service - Atlantic
P.O. Box 960
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 6J3

Phone: (709) 637-4918

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