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 The Cataloger, the Public Services Librarian and Metadata: Can this Marriage Be Saved? 
 Meet Marian, a cataloger in an academic library, who is on the verge of filing for divorce from Phillip, her husband of 30 years. Phillip is a reference librarian at a large public library. Marian and Phil, like many couples, have very different attitudes about metadata and how to use it. 
 Over the years, Marian and Phil have become unable to discuss problems without falling into blaming and recrimination, and they've grown so far apart they live their lives as two solitudes. With the help of therapist Sarah Ipallosh, Marian and Phil have tried to make sense of their opposing views on metadata and why they have been unable to deal with their differences.  
 Attend this open counseling session  at ALA Midwinter  to hear their story and find out whether the Cataloger and the Reference Librarian have a future together.  It will be held Sunday, January 20 from 10:00 am - noon at the International Ballroom, Doubletree Hotel, New Orleans. 
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Marian will be played by Betsy Friesen, Cataloger, Biomedical Library, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Phil will be played by Jim McPeak, Manager of the Mayfield Regional Library, part of the Cuyahoga County Public Library system in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  And Sarah will be played by Madeleine Lefebvre, University Librarian, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.