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November 22, 2001, Ottawa, Ontario - On October 26, 2001 CLA kicked off its federal Campaign for Canada's Libraries with a press conference in the Charles Lynch room of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. The national campaign was launched by CLA to educate government decision-makers and the public on the importance of libraries in the government's new innovation agenda and to the emphasize the need for a Canadian Council of Libraries, a new National Library building and the continuance of the Library Book Rate.

At the press conference CLA President Margaret Law stressed to those in attendance and those viewing on television that "Canada's innovation agenda is in danger of being derailed as a result of the neglect of Canada's libraries by various levels of government."

CLA Vice President Wendy Newman and members Paul Whitney and Mary Mason, joined President Law and Executive Director Vicki Whitmell as they carried their message to key government and opposition MPs, a Senator and government officials. At each meeting they spoke of how libraries can assist the government in developing an innovation infrastructure and how the federal government can, in turn, assist libraries.

In particular they spoke of the need for a Canadian Council of Libraries, a central agency where the funding now given to libraries from various departments would be channeled. This central agency would streamline funding applications, reduce administrative costs, and allow stakeholder involvement in planning federal initiatives to support libraries from all sectors.

CLA's Campaign for Canada's Libraries has gained momentum
since October the 26th with CLA Executive Director Vicki Whitmell speaking to a large number of members of the Library Rural Caucus, asking for their support for the continuance of the Library Book Rate which could end in March 2002 without the support of Members of Parliament.

Detailed information on the Campaign is on the newly developed section of CLA's members onlyne website ( It includes background information on the issues being presented and the campaign itself, links to resources on the issues and information and photos on who we have met with.

For more information on CLA's Campaign for Canada's Libraries, contact Vicki Whitmell, Executive Director, 613-232-9625, ext 306, email: [log in to unmask] or visit the CLA website

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